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Water damage surveys in and around London

Water damage surveys…

Both water and moisture built up in a property can cause serious damage if lefts untreated. Hazards not only to the properties health and its belongings but also the residents inside. Mould, damp and condensation being leading causes of serious health issues. At Scaffolding response we realised more than two decades ago the amount of properties suffering from Water damage. This is what led us to expand our workforce to have a team of qualified IICRC Water damage technicians. We use the latest thermal imaging technology which gives a full comprehensive report of your properties health.

Our Water damage surveys will detect the leaks and problems your property is facing. We will record this information and present it to you in multiple formats. Our techniques are highly professional and often use non-invasive methods of water damage detection. This means we do not have to break though walls or cut any parts of your property for diagnosis. Our professional reports go far beyond the standard for insurance companies and are often used to highlight a properties health before the buying or selling of one.

Aside from thermal imaging we are specialists in assessing the result of Flood damage in a property including the necessary steps in remediation and salvation of possessions. Our Water restoration team are highly trained and have years of experience understanding the stressful events following water damage. We operate 7 days a week for emergency call outs and have an array of professional equipment to restore your property back to good health.

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