Scaffolding design

Scaffolding design

Whether work is taking place on a domestic or commercial property, one of the main considerations that clients have is whether scaffolding arrangements require a design. At the bottom of this page we have provides a list of scaffolds that require a design.

Scaffolding Response provides bespoke scaffold design, drawings and calculations bespoke to your projects needs. Whether you are in need of a temporary roof, large maintenance work or a unique project we have the experience and knowledge to provide you the designs you need. We pride ourselves on high-quality, Scaffolding services.

Scaffolding design is a broad area which also coves the scaffolding calculations, scaffolding surveys and inspections. One of the biggest factors is health and safety for all parties involved including the general public.

Additional info.. Most large-scale contractors won’t allow scaffolds to be erected on-site without a design. These designs often form a vital component of the contractors’ Health & Safety management – and furthermore, designs are useful to co-ordinate all tradespersons who may need to use the scaffold.

Scaffolding design required on the following:

  • Complex loading bays
    (outside of TG20’s limited ‘standard’ loading bay)
  • Storage racks
  • Mobile tower scaffolds
  • Ramps and roadways
  • Staircases
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Drop scaffolds
  • Pavement gantry
  • Lifting gantry / lifting tower scaffolds
  • Radial / splayed scaffolds
  • Temporary screens / hoarding
  • System scaffolds installed outside of
    manufacturers’ guidance
  • Cantilevered / truss out scaffolds
    (outside of TG20’s limited range)
  • Shoring / retention scaffolds
  • Scaffolds higher than 50m
  • Access scaffolds wider than 5 main and 3 inside boards wide
  • Independent scaffolds with lift heights greater than 3m
  • Independent access scaffolds loaded to greater than 3kN/m²
  • Free standing scaffolds
    (apart from TG20 free standing towers)
  • Bridged scaffolds
    (with bridge span greater than 6m)
  • Temporary roofs
  • Support scaffolds

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