Roof survey

Roof survey

In need of a roof survey or report? Many residential and commercial property owners in London have been advised by their insurance company to have the flat roof surveyed.

The reason is that Flat roofs present a far more significant risk for insurance companies compared to the common residential pitched or tiled rooftops. In this day and age a large number building insurers will not insure this risk because of the high rate of failure in flat roofs. The most typical cause of damage stems from water ingress or water leaks.

Scaffolding response are equipped with independent roofing surveyors that can examine your roof and provide a comprehensive report for your insurance company. We have more than 30 years of experience in this trade working with all types of flat roofs. Examples include Asphalt and Zinc flat roofing solutions.

Roof Surveys

How we Conduct our Flat Roof Surveys

Our technicians will arrive to the property equipped with high technology thermal imaging, ultrasound, and moisture/density mapping tools. Are methods allow non intrusive methods for all roofing surveys to facilitate a pragmatic and well-rounded investigation.

Our surveys look for things such as the discontinuity and inadequacies in the installation of insulation faults and problems on exterior membranes, felts and tiles. Again looking for water leaks or damp ingress, to the roofs overall energy efficiency performance. We are able to produce reports for both flat and pitched roofs.

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