Water Damage repairs

Water damage repairs in and around London

Water damage repairs…

Regardless of the cause we are here to help. Common causes of water damage are burst or leaking pipes which result in damage to flooring or ceilings. More serious water damage can come from major floods or a burst mains pipe.  The reason this can be a cause of concern is due to possible structural damage to the property.  Whether it be your residential or commercial property we understand the stressful and crucial need for a specialist prompt service.  Safety also being a factor for all parties involved.

Locating the cause and how we can assess the Water damage repairs…

Our expert team have years of experience diagnosing water damage. Through the years with the advancement of technology means we can utilise specialist leak detection and damp mapping tools. Our team uses thermal imaging and ultrasound devices in order to investigate the cause of your water damage issues. To remediate we are well equipped with industry standard dehumidifiers and desiccant driers.


Water damage repair services…

Aside from detection and water damage surveys we offer full damage and restoration services. We have the tools to remove water, clean and dry carpets, repair walls floors and ceilings. Basement waterproofing and loft insulation. Our mission is to minimise the impact that water damage has on your property or business. Restoring it back to its peak condition as soon as safe and possible.

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