Flat roof repairs

Flat roof repairs

Do you own either a residential or commercial property where a flat roof is failing and is need of repair or maintenance work?

After years of inspecting and repairing flat roofs, we can honestly say that the majority of flat roofs only leak from flashings not dressed to the surrounding walls correctly or incorrect use of flashing materials.If regular maintenance is carried out on a flat roof the majority of these problems would be addressed up and the roofs would not deteriorate as often as they do. Regular maintenance of your flat roof will reduce costs in the long term.

Why do flat looks leak?

 Poor design/Bad workmanship

 Lack of maintenance

 Damage from walking/working on the roof

Our flat roof repairs..

Firstly we need to figure out how bad the roof condition is and if the roof is a condition worthy of carrying out a repair. Typically the practise (although not necessary) of repairing a leaking flat roof is to use the same materials as those originally used. However flat roofs made from old lead or zinc roof that are not visible to the eye may be an unnecessary expense to the customer. In situations like this we would typically patch the leak using torch on felt or liquid rubber. Both these products will last between 10 and 20 years.

What flat roofs can we repair?

  • Mineral Felt
  • Asphalt
  • Lead flat roofs.
  • Copper flat roofs.
  • Zinc flat roofs.

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