Temporary roofing

Temporary Roofing for all types of projects that require protection from the elements, we can install temporary roof scaffolds that provide all-year-round weather protection. Temporary roofs are often bespoke in their size and needs and can be erected using a crane, or can be installed with a rolling track to aid installation and reduce hire costs for phased work.

What are temporary roofs?

Temporary roofs are typically sheeted using keder installed in tracks, but can also be sheeted using corrugated iron, or aluminium cladding sheets. Keeping employees and working areas dry can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety.  There are many types of options depending on the projects needs.

  •  Corrugated Iron

  •  Wrap Roof

  •  Proprietary Temporary Roof Systems

Temporary Roofing Types

Scaffolding response can offer many types of Temporary roofing like standard roofs, corrugated tin roofing or shrink wrap roofs suitable for smaller roofs. Our technical team and service providers set up the temporary roofing within the designated time and disassemble based on the requirement for desired area.Temporary Roofing is a specialist area within scaffolding and we have highly trained, experienced personnel who are experts in this type of work. For any roof insurance surveys please visit https://londonroofsurveys.co.uk/

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