Shoring Scaffolding

Shoring Scaffolding

Shoring in simple terms is an often temporary method of prop or support that is used both during the repair or original construction of buildings, including excavations. This type of scaffolding is often required in situations such as; to relieve the load on a masonry wall whilst being reinforced or repaired. In simple terms, shoring scaffolding is the act of propping/supporting with shores. Shoring is a general term often confused in construction to describe the process of supporting a structure in order to prevent collapse.

Shoring scaffolding

  • Support to avoid collapse

  • Public Safety

  • More robust solution

These heavy-duty scaffolds have a wide flat surface that press against walls or ceilings. To provide the reinforcement there is a strong connection of scaffolding poles that are used to brace the rest of the shoring scaffold. What this does is hold the weight in place until work has been completed. At scaffolding response we have years of experience providing Scaffolding in and across London.

After getting in touch we will provide a quote on work to be undertaken. Scaffolding reponse understand the nature of the work and aim to provide a both efficient and most effective solution for your needs. Some work may require an onsite visit by one of our experience professionals.

We take health & safety very seriously, our team tests each part of the installation. This is to ensure each segment is safe and secure, as well as the overall structure. Scaffolding response have worked with new build developers and building contractors. For a full list of area we cover please take a look at our areas covered page.

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