Specialist scaffolding

Specialist Scaffolding

what is specialist scaffolding?

Specialist scaffolding is a suspended form of scaffolding, very unique to other scaffolding services. It secures the scaffold at the top of a building, whereas typically the scaffold would be secured from the ground. Therefore, for some projects this is essential due to health and safety requirements of building access. This type of work is most commonly utilised and useful for tall buildings if within busy areas or roads. The scaffolding would be suspended from the roof using wires and ropes so the scaffold can be lowered and raised as and when needed.

Scaffolding work has a wide range of complexities and problems to solve. At Scaffolding response our experienced consultants provide expertise on a wide range of construction projects, both on new projects or existing buildings. Our work includes specialist guidance and reports to ensure safe access for all parties.We can provide you with a bespoke scaffold design from start to finish.

If you’re starting a project that will require complex scaffolding solutions, we would love to get involved and offer our expert services. We have years of experience in delivering bespoke scaffolds designed specifically for your projects needs. Once you get in touch we will offer assistance from the get go, we’ll work closely with you to establish a plan that matches your requirements including a site visit if required.

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