When to use Scaffolding

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We’ve been installing scaffolding safely for a long time. If you have a long-term project don’t use a ladder. Ladder’s are for one off small jobs. Scaffolding is safer and more cost effective.

Platform for Success

A scaffolding project is what you need to give you a platform for efficient and safe building work. In effect you have a platform that is safe and allows you to handle materials without having to come down a ladder.

Brick Work

Heavy work like brick-laying, with all its needs can all be done on scaffolding because you can stock pile the mortar and the bricks.

Better Than Meccano

Scaffolding is flexible and expandable like a Meccano set, only for qualified adults. The building blocks of scaffolding are the metal supports called “Jacks.” These are made of heavy-duty steel and are adjustable.

Cheaper in the Long Run

It may seem cost saving to do your build with ladders but is it? How many times are you going to have to come down for supplies? How many times are you going to have to ‘stretch’ that little bit more and too far? Feel safe with scaffolding and make your project more efficient.

Scaffolding for Teams

How much quicker is it for two of you to work on your property? Get twice the work done with two people right? Imagine doing some crow molding with two of you on ladders? It’s not safe and it’s going to take a long time. A lot longer than having your platform in the sky.

Scaffolding Makes Sense

It’s true you’ll pay a more to have scaffolding but you’ll save in the long term won’t you? And you’ll be safe.

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