Scaffolding Advanced Safety Check List

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Scaffolding is dangerous and you can never be complacent. Let a professional help if you are in any doubt.

The 11 Point Scaffolding Check List

  • Foundations
  • Standards
  • Horizontal Lacing
  • Diagonal Bracing
  • Ladders
  • Extended Skelton
  • Mixed Construction
  • Scaffold Ties
  • Decking
  • Guard Ralls
  • Toe Boards

Notes of Scaffolding Safety


Check the ground. Is there any subsidence? Is there any sign of water or boggy ground. Is there movement or holes appearing under the plates?


Check each standard for any signs of buckling or being out of true.

  • Horizontal Lacing
  • Look at the position of the ledgers and transforms.
  • Diagonal Bracing
  • Check the couplers.

General Scaffolding Checks

Make sure that all the members ie standards, ledgers, transoms and diagonal bracing are not supporting anything else like cranes, hoists, rubbish chutes. Also pull at safety nets and fans or any weather protection you have installed to check they are secure.


All ladders must be on a level base and secured. Are all the runs robust?

Mixing Steel and Alloy Scaffold

Never allow this to happen. It’s the same for ledgers, transoms, bracing and ties.

Scaffold Ties

Check that horizontal spacing does not exceed 3 bays. Check that no ties are missing.


Can that decking shift? Is it ‘butted’ to the next one? In a high wind would the decking be affected?

Guard Rails and Toe Boards

Check for gaps and fixing to the inside of the outer standards.

Supervision and Inspection

Working with scaffolding is dangerous. Make sure you carry out regular inspections by a qualified person.

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Scaffolding is dangerous. There’s a lot that has to be just right. Let a professional help.

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