Top 5 Safe Scaffolding Tips

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Scaffolding Tips

Scaffolding is always a potential hazard. Everything to do with the construction of scaffolding must be treated with care.

The construction industry suffers too many accidents every year.

Our Top 5 tips to safety involving scaffolding is a good starting point.

Always be prepared to say “No” to anything less than the best possible working practices.

If you are unsure of any aspect of your scaffolding pay for an expert opinion.

1. Training on Scaffolding

It looks simple doesn’t it? What you have to remember is it is not simple. Great care must be taken with every aspect of the build otherwise it could end up like a bad day in Jericho.

Seek accredited training in the building maintenance and best practice before starting.

2. Placement is Vital

Check your surroundings. Are there any electrical power lines or other electrical sources nearby?
What is the ground like you are placing the structure on? Is it slopping or prone to water logging?

3. Inspections and Best Practice

Inspect the structure at the end of every day and before the start of any shift. Weather or vandalism can make even safe and well positioned scaffolding a danger.
Also check that the structure is level

4. Continuous Assessment

You don’t want to get your rugs and carpets wet. It can take an age to recover them and mould can be tricky to remove.

5. Simple Scaffolding Rules

  • Always use a scaffold with guardrails.
  • Always take a break when tired.
  • Always keep hydrated (if you dehydrate your concentration will suffer)
  • Always use counterweights in order to reduce movement.
  • Always make sure that an alternative exit route like a ladder or hoist is present.

Remember that as a manufacturer or employer is liable for any accidents in the workplace. If a worker or visitor injures themselves on your build then the consequences can be severe not just for the accident victim but also for those who constructed the scaffolding.

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