Health & Safety

Health & SafetyScaffolding is our life and we love it. But let’s face it, for our customers the only real purpose of scaffolding is to provide a safe place for them to work with safe access suitable for the job.

That’s why safety is the foundation of our business culture and work ethic. Our highest priority every day is to guarantee that all of our employees and customers go home with their health and safety intact at the end of the work day.

Health & Safety Best Practices for Scaffolding

Unfortunately, scaffold work has historically been an area of the construction trades in which a lot of injuries occur. But we work daily to reverse that trend and reinforce safe work practices across the industry.

We consult with health and safety specialists to develop standard company-wide procedures for all projects. We also employ qualified project managers to perform risk assessments to consider the health and safety factors of each scaffolding project from the very beginning of the process, even when we are providing estimates for customers.

Why Use Scaffolding Response?

At Scaffolding Response, we are devoted to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved with our projects, including other contractors and any members of the public who may somehow come into contact with the work site.

We guarantee you that all of our team members fully understand their obligations, but we also go above and beyond most scaffolding firms:

  • We only employ suitably trained and qualified tradespeople without exception
  • We provide our staff with adequate tools, training, and resources to meet requirements
  • We share site safety plans and risk analyses to keep everyone on-site safe

Contact us online or give us a call. We’re always happy to help with issues of health and safety.